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Dr. Arnd Bernaerts Disappeared

2016/04/25 by Ron Clutz

As happened in Soviet Russia, Climate revisionists are rewriting history. Judith Curry was one of 20 leading climate scientists according to the “Climate Council” based in Australia. But in March 2016, the list was reduced to 19, and Dr Curry disappeared (here).

Now the biography of Arnd Bernaerts has disappeared from Wikipedia, despite his obvious contributions to ocean science and law. UN Undersecretary-General Satya N. Nandan: “Mr Bernaerts has given to the international community an invaluable guide to the understanding and implementation of the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.” (1988).

Most likely the revisionists are unhappy with Bernaerts’ coining of phrases such as these:

Climate is the continuation of oceans by other means.

Oceans govern climate.

And his writings are extensive and contemporary, as noted on this blog under the category Oceans Make Climate, inspired by my discovery of his work:

You can do something against the efforts of alarmists such as William Connolley by responding to Dr. Bernaerts here.

The Deleted Biography is here.

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Dr. Arnd Bernaerts’ bio was there in May 2015 and gone in Dec 2015. According to the Wayback Machine:




Preparing and pulishing of this web-site became necessary when WIKIPEDIA
deleted the  Biography
__1st online 2013-Dec. 2015;
__2nd online Jan--Apr. 2016
More Info and

"...his work is rarely cited, according
to Google Scholar.";
"...unable to find significant coverage of him in reliable, independent sources.";
"His most heavily cited work only has 31 cites, the rest are in single digits."
Cullen328 & Onel5969
(admi at wikipedia)


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