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What Is Climate? Should Science Use a Layman’s Term? 










“Is the term ‚climate’ too unspecific for a fruitful discussion?”
A detailed analysis, 10 pages, in: hmtl, in; PDF


22nd International  Conference, Pacific Congress on Marine Science and Technology, June 1 - 5 June, 2010, University of  Hawai`i at  Hilo /USA  


National Conference on  “Climate Change and Future Security“,
‘ Loyola Institute of Frontier Energy, January 08 - 09, 2011
, Loyola College Chennai/India

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Climate defined by IPCC Silly? Very Silly?? Naive???,


Roger Pielke Sr. and Climate Definition
- A field of jargon words and misuse of definitions –
-- Rubbish terms: Climate and Climate system –


Just a word on the words "weather" and "climate". Here science fails


„Who Rules the Climate”?


IPCC says that there are important differences
between weather and climate. Is the claim serious science?


Open Letter concerning a letter by 18 scientific organizations to
the U.S.A. Senate, 21st Oct.2009



Should Governments object when IPCC scientists neglect the working conditions of the UN Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)? Can IPCC use its own term: ‘Climate change’, and in different versions?




What is Climate, had been asked when: Climate Science:Roger A. Pielke Sr Research Group Weblog[1] started in July 2005





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"...his work is rarely cited, according
to Google Scholar.";
"...unable to find significant coverage of him in reliable, independent sources.";
"His most heavily cited work only has 31 cites, the rest are in single digits."
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This & That on
What is Climate

300 General Remarks

301 September 23, 2015; Twenty climatologists urge federal investigation of climate scoffers

302 April 25, 2016, Climate change lobby wants to kill free speech

303 April 29, 2016, Climate Realists Fight AGs’ Fishing Expedition

304 May 08, 2016; Misuse of the Law; Another Battle in the Climate Wars


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