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May 2021

Who Rules the Climate?

When it comes to the term CLIMATE, the friends of IPCC[1], as well as their foes, are happily sailing in the same boat. While fighting a…

Published, on May 02, 4 min read

April 2021

Name Adolf Hitler the first   climate criminal and the   climate debate is different.

A number of heinous crimes that can be attributed to the person Adolf Hitler are known. This includes his war crimes for WWII, and as a…

Published on Apr 19, 7 min read

Make a big volcanic eruption   the world warmer or colder?

A volcanic eruption in Iceland hit the headlines a few weeks ago. After a break of 800 years, another volcano erupted on Reykjanes…

Published on Apr 11, 4 min read

Global cooling! A contribution  from the naval war in   the Pacific 1941–1945?

Earth went through a significant cooling from 1940 to mid-1970s. The Northern Pacific experienced two major climatic shifts during the…

Published  on Apr 10, 4 min read

Climate — Science must be able to say   what it means by this, but it cannot

Climate is one of the most important words in linguistic usage today. Science in particular uses it extensively. With reference to climate…

Published on Apr 6, 5 min read

March 2021

Historically like today!   What to make out of   global temperature data?

“What Does 2000 Years of Temperature Data Tell Us?”, is a good question in a recent story by David Siegel here at MEDIUM (March 30, 2021)…

Published on Mar 31, 6 min read

Global Cooling 1940–1975   explained would change the game

“If science can’t explain climate shifts pre 1950, how can we trust today’s climate models?” lamented Prof. Judith Curry back in 2014. …

Published on Mar 28,  4 min read

An eruption on Iceland looms.  Is a Plan B prepared?

The ash from the Vulcan Eyjafjallaj÷kull on Iceland, during the days 14–20 April 2010, covered large areas of Northern Europe. About 20…

Published on Mar 18,  5 min read

Oceans control and   warm the atmosphere

It is that easy! Global mean temperatures are always forced by changes in heat release and heat uptake by the oceans. That is the core…

Published on Mar 15,  3 min read

For science the North Atlantic  is a too big case!

Has the North Atlantic become the newest playground for climate science? A subtle shift in ocean current hint at dramatic dangers is said…

Published on Mar 12,  4 min read

North Atlantic Cold Blobs!   A Too Big Task For Science?

From time to time cold spots emerge in the North Atlantic (NA). New research paints a ‘consistent picture’ of change to the Atlantic’s…

Published on Mar 3, 6 min read

February 2021

Climate models need ocean data,   as a failed El Ni˝o prediction shows.

For many decades El Ni˝o has been a scientifically known and much studied climate event in the Equatorial Eastern Pacific (EEP). If…

Published on Feb 26,  5 min read

The Art of Climate Models — Sufficient?

We live in a world of global climate change. Daily we hear how serious it will be. Predictions are made into the future, for month, years…

Published on Feb 21, 3 min read

Warm Europe — Cold US; In-between the „Siberia Express“

Valid 12Z Wed Feb 17 2021–12Z Fri Feb 19 2021

Published on Feb 17, 2 min read

The U.S. Cold Spell 2015 vs 2021,   and the ‘Siberian Express’.

It happens every now and then. Today, on February 15, 2021 an unusually wide band of frigid air over the center of the United States is…

Published  on Feb 16, 3 min read

The North and Baltic Seas prevent the Siberian cold from rolling over Europe.

We talk about global warming every day. Northern Europe is particularly affected. The winters are no longer what they used to be, longer…

Published on Feb 8,  3 min read

Weather = Your Mood?   Climate = Your Personality?

Weather and climate the most used everyday words, presumably for several thousand years. But what is the meaning of them? Does the answer…

Published on Feb 3,  4 min read

January 2021

Two shifts in Arctic sea ice conditions indicate how it came about.

Arctic Sea ice is a big concern in the climate change debate. During the last 100 years three major shifts occurred. Less sea ice from…

Published on Jan 31, 5 min read

Geoengineering brought heavy rain and a brutal winter in late 1939.

First fell excessive rain then followed the coldest winter in one hundred years. The south-west of the U.S.A. and Europe fell suddenly…

Published on Jan 28, 6 min read

Climate consensus when the oceans have stripes?

“The ocean drives climate and weather, regulates temperature, absorbs much of the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, holds 97 percent of…

Published on Jan 25, 3 min read

How to generate a cold period as from   1940 to 1970.

Few years ago David W.J. Thompson at al. attempted to explain “A large discontinuity in the mid-twentieth century in observed global-mean…

Published on Jan 20, 3 min read

James Lovelock’s Gaia-Theory! Is it useful?

An outstanding scientist took a look on the Atlantic and outlined the Gaia hypothesis since the 1960s, assuming that “Gaia depends on…

Published on Jan 17,  3 min read

Met Office uninterested to investigate the causing of War Time Ice Storm 1940?

Frequently the story about the Ice Storm in January 1940 pops up in newspaper. Three year ago THE GUARDIAN runs the story on 26/01/2018…

Published on Jan 14, 4 min read

Madrid’s January cold snap 2021 versus 1940

On Saturday, the 9th January 2021, a 30 uninterrupted hour’s snowfall ended in Madrid. A subsequent cold was expected. Today, on Monday…

Published on Jan 11,  5 min read

Europe in Ice-Age — January 1940 — Why?

The 1930s had been a very warm decade. Average January winter temperatures in Western Europe are above zero degrees Celsius, since the end…

Published on Jan 9,  5 min read

NYT too narrow on climate change matters?

Sometimes THE NEW YORK TIMES addresses its readers with the request: The Times needs your voice. We welcome your on-topic commentary…

Published  on Jan 8,  2 min read

Climategate 2009. Much smoke for nothing.

Was there a scientific scandal in climate change matters almost one dozen years ago? “Climategate” began in November 2009 with the hacking…

Published on Jan 7,   9 min read

Can pupils explain to politics what science itself cannot define? Climate!

The fact is certain. Global temperatures have increased in the past 150 years. There is no need for science to determine this. A few dozen…

Published on Jan 4,  5 min read

A clear indication, how humans changed climate — 100 years ago

A sudden warming was felt all over the Northern Hemisphere. Today it is called Early Arctic Warming (EAW) and started after a very cold…

Published on Jan 2,    5 min read

Hereafter November to December 2020


Ocean data that are missing

More sea focusing is needed to run climate models.

Published on Dec 31, 2020,   4 min read

Tipping point? Oceans defy simple physics!

In science a precise and transparent language is paramount. Climatology is far from it. Many of the used terms in climatology are…

Published on Dec 28, 2020,  5 min read

U.S.A. weather records in winter 1939/40 — Never explained

Suddenly the weather in late 1939 and early 1940 produced records, from wettest to coldest, across the USA.

Published, on Dec 27, 2020,  9 min read

Ocean dominates global energy. Dimensions and shipping matter.

Any research on global warming that pays nil attention to the possible impact of human activities at sea, and below the sea surface…

Published on Dec 26, 2020, 3 min read

The NYT reported on soldiers that “turned to wax” on Christmas 1939. An unsolved climate case: Why?

Climate change has two sides. If natural we do not need science. If we assume it could be man-made, competent science is needed to explain…

Published on Dec 21, 2020,   4 min read

Activities at sea contribute to warming. The Baltic Sea shows how it’s done.

The oceans are still the greatest unknown in the climate change scenario. Oceans cover 71% of Earth and they contain 99.93% of the thermal…

Published on Dec 16, 2020,   15 min read

Why do all opposition to the CO2 thesis fail?

David versus Goliath! Is the climate change debate a battle between Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) and Skeptics? Is the skeptical side…

Published on Dec 10, 2020,   3 min read

Arctic Sea Ice Decline and Climate Change?

Arctic Warming 1918–1939 by Human Activities?

Published on Dec 7, 2020,  8 min read

UN Framework Convention on Climate Change is silent on “Climate” and science abuse a layman’s term.

Abstract: While the debate on the climatic change issue has reached unprecedented global prominence over the recent years, the content is…

Published on Dec 6, 2020,  20 min read

Because man has intruded the oceans,  man contributed to climate change.

The main parameters:

Published on Dec 4, 2020,   4 min read

The world is not flat.  Even climatologists should recognize this.

It has been some time since Nicolaus Copernicus (1473–1543) was able to lay the foundations for understanding that placed the Sun rather…

Published on Nov 30, 2020,  4 min read

“Natural”: A problem in the climate debate?

One of the worst failures in science is to use superficial terms. Are explanations like “natural variability”, “natural internal…

Published on Nov 27, 2020,   3 min read

Tim Ball on: ‚Generalization, Specialization and Climatology’.

Since the 1970th sciences uses the word CLIMATE excessively. Surprisingly, the Convention on Climate Change, 1992 has no definition of the…

Published on Nov 23, 2020,   4 min read

Are Oceans Warming?

That is a good question! Quite a while ago Willis Eschenbach raised it at WUWT rthe question “are Oceans Warming”: Ref.1- below A…

Published  on Nov 22, 2020,  3 min read



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